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Sand Creek Restoratives

100% Natural Holistic Bath Teas

Oat, Milk and Chamomile

The richness of Oats and Milk on the body, combined with the calm tranquility of Chamomile. Sleep well tonight.

Lavender & Milk

Tranquility and luxury in a bath of Whole Milk and Lavender Flowers

Honor Bath Tea

Soothe those sore muscles, or just soak away the pains of the day

Winter Berry

All the Warmth of the Holidays and the sentimental fragrances of woods, tea, cranberry, cinnamon and orange peel carry you off to winter memories of your childhood.

Our Bath Tea

Over two decades ago we were introduced to the "art" of bathing, as most activities in Japan are approached as "art" in some form.

One of our favorite baths was located by a lake shore and surrounded by herb gardens. Every night the owners would fill bed pillow sized sachets with herbs from the gardens and float them in the hot pools. You were literally bathing in herbal tea. It was the ultimate in relaxation

We began experimenting with this in our own bath. And, though we liked the herbs alone, there always seemed to be a little more room for improvement. We began researching the benefits of different natural substances and fragrances, and how they affect the body and mind. And, after many years of trial and error, we believe we have found the perfect balances to help everyone appreciate and benefit from the "art" of bathing