Beating Bugs Naturally

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The Great Outdoors are calling! And, so is my secret fishing spot.

"Secret Spot?", you ask? Indeed.

Most everyone in this area has a secret spot for something - Huckleberries, Hunting, Mushroom Picking, Fishing... However, most of these "secret spots" aren't really all that secret. Their "secret" is actually shared by many. Not mine.

My secret spot is the El Dorado of mountain fishing. The water is pristine. Its size, depth and movement perfect. And, ultra aggressive gangs of large trout lurk in anticipation of brutalizing any flies that trespass their turf.  I'm sure I am not the first to find it. Couldn't be. But, whoever may have found it in the past must have taken the secret with them. For now, it's mine.

So, how does such a place remain a secret? First, it is an area that you would not expect. I scour detailed toppo maps before I explore new areas, and was still taken by surprise when I stumbled upon it. Second, it takes a lot of effort to get there. There aren't any worn trails to the area. You have to be willing to hike a couple of days through brush and boulders. Third, it's quite possible that the mosquitoes will carry you off before you make it to the water's edge.

Mosquitoes, the ultimate pain in the butt, uninvited guest. They are nearly everywhere in the world. And, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, you have to either cope with them, or defeat them. Either way, it is more difficult when you've worked up a good sweat, as mosquitoes are attracted to your odor. Several days without bathing in the forest turns you into an All You Can Eat Buffet. So, along with repellent, coils, smoke, and whatever else you might use to keep the vampires at bay, bathing really helps.

Bathing may offer a bit of a quandary, however. You generally need water. Mosquitoes like water. There was a time when I was stationed in Iraq that a few of us decided a month of field baths (baby wipes) was just no longer cutting it. So, we set up a make-shift shower on a tree. The first two people to try it should have received Purple Hearts for their loss of blood in the Battle of the Bugs. The rest of us decided to rekindle our relationships with the baby wipes.

If only we had Soap infused with Insect Repelling Essential Oils. That would have kept the little blood suckers away long enough to bathe, dry and dress.

Oh, by the way, among a few other things, I sell soap...good soap.

This is our high quality Goat's Milk Soap made for the outdoors. It is infused with a blend of Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove and Citronella. Smells pretty good to us, terrible to bugs.

But, what if you are in an area where you don't have access to water for rinsing? We've got that too. 

Our Field Spa is a whole lot more than baby wipes. Inside the package you will find a large, thick, tough, completely biodegradable towel made of bamboo fiber. This towel contains enough rinse-less wash (infused with insect repelling essential oils) to thoroughly clean you from head to toe, without using any water.

Both the Soap and Field Spa are HONOR products, which means that 20% of their profits are donated to Project K-9 Hero

So, get out there. The mountains, forests, streams all await! Whether you are exploring for a couple of days, or plan on trying to follow me to my secret spot, pack well, pack light, pack wisely, and pack soap mosquitoes hate.

Natural Insect Repelling Soap and Field Bath

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