Can CBD Use Result in a Positive Urinalysis?

It depends on which CBD product you are using. Not all are created equal.
The CBD boom has resulted in a market where quality is not always the number one concern of some manufacturers.
While CBD is only truly legal in all 50 states if its THC content is lower than 1%, some CBD products purchased online have tested at 5% THC, or higher. Using a product with that level of THC regularly is very likely to result in a positive urinalysis.
One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a CBD product is its testing. Reputable sellers will be proud to let you know that their product has been 3rd party certified for purity. These products will contain less than 1% THC. Top tier CBD will contain 0.3%.
For someone to test positive using products at 0.3% THC, they would have to use about 2000mg or more of the CBD product regularly, which is a nearly unfathomable amount.
The CBD in our products has been triple lab tested and 3rd party certified for purity, and a THC level below 0.3%. It is produced in an FDA approved facility from U.S. Grown Non-GMO Hemp.
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