Confessions of CBD Customers (Does CBD Really Work?)

Does CBD really work? 

While our business is internet based, we do set up operations at trade shows. People stop by to shop, and others just to visit. Many have questions, and it is very obvious that most of them are standing at the edge of the high dive, wanting to be coaxed into taking the plunge.










See "CBD- Breaking the Stigma"

The most interaction we have with people, by far however, is listening to their stories of success with CBD. We have yet to have anyone approach us and say, "I've tried it and it doesn't work". We know they are out there. They just haven't shared their experience with us.

So, another question then is "Why do so many people swear by it, yet some receive no benefit?"

One possibility may simply be body chemistry. I was once prescribed Oxycodone for a painful injury. This is the stuff that is so effective and so addictive that it has ruined careers and lives. Yet, it only made me feel extremely nauseous, and did absolutely nothing for my pain. I would give the stuff negative star reviews all day long.

It is quite likely, though, that they either used the wrong product, or used the product wrong.

We are not the strongest proponents of heavy regulation. We feel that a product of superior quality will naturally excel in a free market, and that inferior products will simply eliminate themselves. However, people's general perception of an industry in its infancy can be greatly influenced by an abundance of bad product. And, unfortunately, with a lack of any regulation, what some people believe to be their first experience with CBD is hardly that.

A reputable CBD business will be proud to advertise Third Party Independent Testing of their product. Lacking that, I would not buy it.

CBD Pain Cream 750mg  










 Using a good product the wrong way can be just as bad. Not all products are designed to cover every way CBD may benefit you. A Pain Cream is usually going to have a higher concentration of CBD than a Skin Cream, and neither topical is likely to be as effective for deep joint issues as a product you ingest.

CBD Oil 500 mg

Taken orally, again, CBD concentrations and accompanying ingredients are going to vary depending on purpose. While a CBD sleep aid might very well alleviate some pain, it won't be as effective as a higher concentration drop.

But, the question remains, "Does CBD Really Work?" We thought we would share some of the stories and conversations we have had with people, and let you decide for yourself.

A man in his early 80s told us about taking medication for chronic pain for over 10 years, "I've been taking this stuff and thinking about what it's probably doing to my body, my kidneys and liver. It got to the point where, even taking the meds, the throbbing pain would keep me awake at night. I started using a combination of taking CBD Oil and using CBD pain cream, and had my best sleep in years from the very first night."

A lady in her mid 30s told us about a terrible experience that left her with PTSD and Insomnia, "I heard a noise in the middle of the night, and suddenly I'm yanked out of bed and being drug across the floor by my hair. I'm too scared to scream. I can't even breathe. Then I realize I know the person. He's someone who lives near me. I start yelling his name and fighting and kicking, and he runs out of the house. Even though he was arrested, I could no longer sleep. I would lay awake in bed every night reliving it. I tried sleep medication. It didn't work, and made me feel terrible. I tried marijuana, but it actually made me more paranoid. I finally tried CBD, and it's the only thing that has actually helped me"

A young lady in her 20s or 30s told us about using CBD for seizures, "I was on 22 different medications for seizures. I started using CBD, and now I'm down to 2, and haven't had any seizures since starting."

Once we began hearing stories like these, we began writing them down. These are the most extreme, but we have heard many more stories of people using CBD for everything from pain, anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia to Parkinson's tremors, and more

So... Does CBD Really Work? These people all swear it does, and that it has changed their lives for the better.

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