Gentlemen, It's Time to Think About Christmas Shopping

Yes, it comes at the same time every year. That opportunity to wow her with how considerate you can truly be by giving her that one thing that says, "I am consumed by thoughts of you every minute of the day".


 And...every year, many of us men are just a day closer to telling her that ...with a gift card.



Of course, It's not that we don't lover her. We do. We absolutely do! We simply forgot that the present she told you she wanted last Labor Day, when she was Christmas shopping for you, would be sold out by mid December and take three weeks to ship online.


We know it's out there somewhere, though. Or, something really close to it. So, we go.


We prepare mentally for the crowds...


                                                                                           ...and we go.


Now, with any luck we have found almost exactly what she was wanting. You found a purse that was the same color and looks like it would hold about the same amount of stuff as the one she asked for! She's gotta love it!

Those Winter Boots she asked for? Sheesh, you got her a better pair at half the price!


You are a Christmas shopping machine! 


Look at that! You got her everything she needed, and still have a couple of days to spare! forgot about the stocking stuffers.


You are going to feel like a total heel come Christmas morning when you see your stocking filled to the brim, and nothing in her's.

And, filling her stocking with the cookies she made and treats she bought is not going to work two years in a row.

This is your lucky year, though! Especially if you live in Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint areas.

Sand Creek Restoratives is the Santa that will save the day this year. 

What is Sand Creek Restoratives? Just the best, most beneficial, relaxing goodness she could ever dream of putting in her bath. That's what! The Rolls Royce of bath soaks. Bath Teas that make those fizzy bath bombs look like Yugos by comparison.

We also offer matching soaps and lotions for a complete home spa pampering!

Check out the website at:

Sandpoint residence receive free delivery always by using the code "7BEE" at checkout.

But, between now and December 21st, we will promise delivery before Christmas Eve to Spokane and Coeur d'Alene on purchases over $50.

It's almost time, Gentlemen. We've got you covered. 













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