Not Sure What to Get Them? Have You Tried Romance Lately?

Valentines day is fast approaching. And, if you are like me, that poses a huge challenge. You see, my wife abhors chocolate. And, cut flowers don't do much for her. Most of the things she does like she just got for Christmas, and I will be relying on those same items on her birthday, which is just around the corner.

I'm betting that I'm not alone in the world on this one. But, I guess I should have said that Valentines day "used to pose a huge challenge".

Romance, people! Isn't that what Valentines day is about anyway?

There are valid reasons why many couples get caught up in routine. We all have busy lives, and It's organized and convenient. But, I challenge anyone out there to truthfully ask themselves, "Do I want to be considered routine and convenient? Do I want the person I love to feel that way too?"

Valentines day is a perfect opportunity to break that routine, even if for only a day. Consider romance this year. Make the time for it. And, make it something different.


What is more romantic than a bath for two? Maybe some wine and candle light? Not only is it romantic, but shows that you put thought and effort in to making the night special. How could it not promote intimate conversation and affection?

But, what about that gift? Well, if you have someone who enjoys the boring, traditional chocolates and flowers as little as my someone, you might consider giving them  Sand Creek Restoratives Bath Teas to set the night in motion, and enhance your romantic time together.



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