Paleo/Keto "Cheating" Without Cheating

"I'm going to do it this time! I'm going to do it, and stick with it!"

Such are the sincerest proclamations of New Years' Resolutions.

At this very moment, literally billions of people from all over the globe are mentally conditioning themselves to make life better in some way. And, whether it be quitting certain habits, eating better, or getting more exercise, a large majority of them will choose "Better Health" as their goal in the oncoming year.

New Years is to the fitness business what Valentines Day is to the chocolate companies. Treadmills, elipticals, exercise equipment of all shapes and sizes are flying off delivery trucks at breakneck speed. Gyms are offering the best annual membership prices in history. "Magic pills" and bizarre "cutting edge" contraptions (Remember the Shake Weight?) are all over your TV and radio.

Unfortunately, as we all know, many of even the most impassioned hopefuls fall short of their goals. Busy lives, distractions, temptations... we're constantly surrounded by them. "Just once" almost always results in a return to whatever we were trying to leave behind. Exercise equipment starts collecting dust and gym memberships go unused. The magic pills and crazy inventions turn out to be the same old Snake Oil they have always been.

"Next year, by goodness! Next year will be different".

No. Let's do it this year. And, if we stumble, we will not fall completely. We will not give up until next year. We will right ourselves and get back on the path.

We are busy, all of us. Time (or lack of) is one of the biggest challenges to our health. Who has time to exercise? Who has time to cook something healthy? I'm late. I'm hungry. I'm grabbing fast food. "Just once" ain't gonna make a difference.

While it is true that most of us don't have as much time to spend on our health as many would like, almost every single one of us has enough time to make positive changes. It's a matter of organization, prioritizing, and establishing positive routines. We'll post on this at length in the near future. The focus today is on the distractions and temptations that lead so many astray. 

The closest thing you are ever going to find to a "magic pill" is eating right. Or, more accurately, not eating wrong. The problem is that there are so many different schools of thought on what constitutes a healthy diet these days, it's hard to know what that means. While eating Paleo has truly done wonders for me personally, we are going to try to focus on "cheating foods" that fit into any reasonable eating plan, help mitigate those distractions, and make satisfying replacements for old temptations.

We live in wonderful times when it comes to healthy eating options. There is no shortage of fantastic recipes, using healthy sweeteners and fats, just a couple of keyboard strokes away. I try to use these whenever possible. But, again, who has the time, right? Well, some very motivated, entrepreneurial people do. The make them, bag them, and offer them to you. Here are just a few of our favorites...

stevia sweetened chocolate, lily's chocolate

We love their story. We love their products. Their Stevia sweetened chocolate is among some of the best chocolate we have tasted, even among regular chocolate producers. They offer a wide selection, including chocolate chips to add to your own creations. When it's this good, why wouldn't you?

While we're on chocolate, who doesn't love a rich, creamy Mocha Latte? Well, in most cases, your body doesn't. A mocha Latte from a leading chain contains 44 grams of carbs and 35 grams of sugar. That's why we suggest:

 Paleo Keto mocha latte

Guilt-Free Mocha Latte from Sand Creek Restoratives.

A healthy blend of Organic Cold Processed Extra Rich Raw Cocoa and Organic Coconut Milk Powder, the Best Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee in the world, Sweetened slightly with a touch of erythritol and Monk Fruit extract. Rounded out with a dash of Cinnamon and a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. 

This, and the Hot Cocoa mix are two of the most decadent healthy experiences you can enjoy.

There are times when sweet chocolaty stuff doesn't fit the craving. You want something to munch on during movie night, something crunchy. Traditional snacks like popcorn and potato chips are against all the rules. So, whatta ya do?

I personally love to slice cucumber into chips and sprinkle a little sea salt over them. You might be surprised how well this substitutes. Mixed nuts (without peanuts) are great! But, for crunchy snacks that fill that need to be naughty... 

Epic makes all kinds of wonderful KETO and Paleo teats, but these Pork Rinds are the ultimate in guilt-free gluttony. Check them out.

I hesitate to add this next item to the list because of a comparatively high carb content, but if you absolutely cannot live without crackers with your cheese, Simple Mills is probably you best bet. You will want to watch your intake, though.

A blend of almond flour, sunflower seeds, flax seed, tapioca and casava gives this a much lower carb content than regular crackers, and provides you with a much healthier alternative. Oh, yea....and they taste great!

CHOMPS is another great manufacturer of KETO/Paleo friendly snacks. A little pricey, but worth it. We love their Original Flavor Beef Jerky Sticks

Made from Grass-fed Beef, Zero Carbs, Zero sugars, no nitrites...All the good with none of the worry!

There are literally hundreds of healthy snacks out there that we haven't gotten to yet. We will continue to review them. We will also be providing some fantastic recipes for everything from snacks and appetizers to full course meals. We welcome comments and suggestions for helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle, and look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year and the best of health to you!




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