Real Men Don't Use Lotion.....Until they do


Everyone knows that real men don't use lotion....until we do.

And when we do, we wind up having to use her's (because we never have ours, because we never use it).

And now, tough guy, guess what we smell like...

That's right, a Unicorn farting rainbows through a magical cotton candy cloud.


There is hope, however!

Not the kind of hope that she gets when her favorite candle store introduces Men's fragrances. I don't know about you, but even at the height of my 20-something partying days, I never wanted my place to reek of beer. It was simply a bi-product. But, someone at the candle store thought that's what is going to get men to flock to them.

This is Honor Lotion

This is one product under our Honor label, which will be available from November 12th, 2018, the day Veteran's Day will be celebrated this year. On that day, 100% of the profits from all Honor products will be donated to veteran's causes, like    Project K-9 Hero 


Every other day of the year, 20% will be donated.

Honor Lotion was made to appeal to everyone, but developed with the specific purpose of giving men an option between smelling like Aunt Martha or a Frat House Hazing Party.

It has minimal fragrance. But, what it does have is best described as Fresh Air and a whiff of mint. It's made of the same Aloe and Shea butter that makes our other lotions so absorbent and effective on the skin.

November 12th, 2018. Get the best product available while helping our Heros! It's a win win!



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