Why You Should Stop Using These

I've said it before, Bath Bombs are cool.... At least they used to be.

I remember watching in delight as the first one I ever used fizzed away, releasing a fragrance that beckoned me to soak until my skin wrinkled.

But, humans being what we are, we want bigger and better. After going through all of the different fragrances there are to offer, what's next? Oils and butters, little floaty toys.... glitter!

But, what do these things really do for us? What are they...really?

The main ingredients in Bath Bombs are Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Dyes, and Fragrance or Essential Oils. Some also contain oils or butters that are beneficial to the skin, and as mentioned before, cute and/or sparkly stuff.

I personally don't care much for the toys or sparkles, as it often requires a little post-bathing maintenance to remove these things from areas that should neither sparkle nor contain toys.

Let's look at those beneficial oils and butters now. Have you ever heard the term, "Goes to together like oil and water"? The oils ride on top of the water while the majority of your body sits under the surface (that's science!). So, unless you're thrashing around the tub like sharks in a feeding frenzy, you are likely to be cleaning more of it out of your bath than you actually got on your skin.

The amount of fragrance or essential oils in Bath Bombs is negligible for health purposes. There may be some aroma therapy benefits, especially from those with essential oils. But, that's it.

The dyes stain your tub.

Which brings us to our main ingredients, Baking Soda and Citric Acid. In water, the Baking Soda in the bomb reacts with the citric acid to release carbon dioxide gas. Same as Alka-seltzer. While some citric acid scrubs may be beneficial to your skin, there is hardly enough to make any difference when diluted in your bath water.

Baking Soda is well known for soothing dry, itchy skin, insect bites, rashes, etc... Extended exposure also actually dries out your skin. So, unless you're rinsing well and moisturizing after a Bath Bomb soak, you might actually be defeating your purpose.

So, you could basically get the same benefits as Bath Bombs by throwing some Baking Soda, Lemon juice, food color and perfume in your bath.

But, here's the real reason you should stop buying bath bombs:

Our Bath Teas!

We are taking bathing to a whole new level!

All of our bath teas contain Dead Sea Salts, which simulate the mineral rich Hot Springs that inspired them. Dead Sea Salts clean, disinfect, soothe and revitalize skin. Hydrate and promote youthful skin. Soothe skin ailments and sore muscles

All of our Bath Teas contain Oats, which clean your skin and lock in moisture. Also, normalize skin's PH.

Some contain Whole Milk, which smooths, softens and hydrates skin. Enhances relaxation. And, may even encourage skin cell renewal.

Other ingredients, such as herbs, beneficial flowers, actual tea leaves, and more, have all been meticulously selected and hand blended to give you the best, most relaxing, quality bath product on the market today.

All of these ingredients saturate the bath water and directly contact the majority of your body.

There is no comparison, and nothing to clean out of hard to reach areas later.

Simply, Restoratives for your Body and Mind.

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