Winter in North Idaho

I left home at 17, joined the military, and traveled the world. I found good and bad everywhere I went. And, even the least desirable places had some attributes if you looked hard enough to find them. 

The most distinct memories of my travels are almost all associated with seasons and weather.


A warm ocean breeze on a calm Spring evening, gentle waves gliding onto a soft Caribbean beach.


The spicy aroma of musty woods permeating a tapestry of Autumn colors, beneath the canopy of a Japanese hardwood forest


Lightning dancing on the surface of the Atlantic ocean, backed by the burgundy sunset of a Summer storm...


However, I have either heard it somewhere, or have said it enough times to believe it's mine: "You spend your childhood dreaming of leaving, and the rest of your life dreaming of getting back." And, for me, that rang truer every winter away from North Idaho.

I would think of days when I would wake to the morning sun reflecting off of freshly fallen powder, and no school in the forecast. Sitting on the old wooden bridge by my house at night, staring through the cold clean air at all the stars of the Milky Way just beyond the tips of my outreached fingers, coyotes voicing their approval from the anonymity of snow laden Birch and Evergreens. The streets and storefronts of our little town all decorated for the Holidays.

I would even miss those times, that through a child's lack of perspective, I thought were miserable. Your nose freezing closed, and the stab of frigid air on the back of your throat when taking in a breath. Fingers and toes that have moved beyond pain to complete numbness while shoveling two miles of snow, up hill, both ways...

But, what I would dwell on the most was the warm coziness I would feel by contrast, staring through a frosty window at snow falling on our frozen lake, drinking something warm (and sometimes even...a little potent) next to a crackling fire. The smell of fresh cut Fir, spices, holiday treats... all blending together and surrounding you like an added blanket.

It is that memory that helped inspire our Sandpoint Winter Warming Bath Tea.

A fragrant Winter Melody of Fresh Cut Wood, Mint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Fennel and Juniper Berry, combined with Green Tea, Oats and Dead Sea Salts, fight off the bite of Winter while soothing sore muscles, boosting your immunity, detoxifying your body, and rejuvenating your skin. But, most of all, carries your senses to complete calm and relaxation.

No matter where you are, let Sandpoint Winter Warming Bath Tea embrace you like a warm, soft blanket on a cold winter night.


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