• How Will You Choose to Age?

    While genetics, and sometimes circumstances beyond a person's control, do contribute to how well we age, multiple studies indicate that our own life choices are the biggest factor.
  • What do Mineral Baths Really Do for You?

    Living in rural Northern Japan for years, I easily became accustomed to the timeless ritual of relaxing in outdoor hot springs. One of my favorite ...
  • The Whole Body Benefits of Green Tea

    Most people are already acquainted with the many benefits of drinking Green Tea. But, how many are aware of the wonderful things that bathing in i...
  • You Talked. We Listened!

    You talked. We listened! We launched in October 2018, and are pleasantly surprised with the interest in our products so far. We have reached out t...
  • Gentlemen, It's Time to Think About Christmas Shopping

    Yes, it comes at the same time every year. That opportunity to wow her with how considerate you can truly be by giving her that one thing that says...
  • The Benefits of Milk in Your Bath

    Paired with PH balancing Oats and natural fragrant chamomile and lavender flowers, it's hard to believe that something so good for you could be so divine.
  • Winter in North Idaho

    However, I have either heard it somewhere, or have said it enough times to believe it's mine: "You spend your childhood dreaming of leaving, and the rest of your life dreaming of getting back." And, for me, that rang truer every winter away from North Idaho.
  • The Honor Collection

    "What we got here is 12 ounces of North Idaho Bath Soak...and it ain't too foo-foo"
  • 100% of Profits Will Go to Veteran's Causes

    Comparing the stuff in a can to our shave soap is like comparing canned pasta to a perfectly grilled New York steak....with all the sides.....potato loaded.
  • Free Delivery in the Sandpoint Area!

    If you live between Sagle to the South and Upper Pack River road to the North, Dover to the West and Kootenai to the East, we will bring your order to your door.
  • Real Men Don't Use Lotion.....Until they do

    Honor Lotion was made to appeal to everyone, but developed with the specific purpose of giving men an option between smelling like Aunt Martha or a Frat House Hazing Party.
  • Why You Should Stop Using These

    I personally don't care much for the toys or sparkles, as it often requires a little post-bathing maintenance to remove these things from areas that should neither sparkle nor contain toys.