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Matcha Facial Mask

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Matcha Facial Mask is a blend of meticulously selected ingredients from around the world. Organic Oats grown right here in the United States, Organic Matcha Green Tea from Japan, Thyme and Lavender from France and Rosemary from Spain all lovingly blended with domestic Bentonite Clay in Sandpoint, Idaho to bring you the complete facial.

Matcha Facial Mask Benefits: Say Good-bye to blemishes! Our 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea pulls out toxins from inflamed skin which removes blackheads and reduces acne, blemishes and redness. Active antioxidants work to fight the negative effects of free radicals and UV radiation, and can help repair sun-damaged skin. In addition, this powerful antioxidant will stimulate dead skin cells and improve tired and dull skin, and improve skin's elasticity. Organic Oat Powder helps to balance skin's PH. A blend of granular Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender work as antiseptics and freshen, lighten and gently exfoliate your face. Bentonite Clay gives your skin a naturally healthy glow. Our Matcha Detox Mask fights off free radicals, softens, repairs and reverses damage with natural healing. It gives you a healthy appearance and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, all naturally.

Directions: Mix one teaspoon of Matcha Facial Mask powder with two teaspoons of water. Apply with brush, avoiding eyes. Let stand for 10 minutes (5 minutes for sensitive skin). Rinse and remove with a damp cloth. Some redness may occur as a result of the Bentonite Clay. This is normal and should normalize within a short period of time.

For even more benefit, Raw Honey, Yogurt or Milk may be substituted for the water. Experiment with the consistency.

Ingredients: Organic Oat Powder, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Granulated Thyme, Granulated Lavender, Granulated Rosemary, Bentonite Clay

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